Capture feedback & turn it into data that enables continuous improvement in customer experiences.

Customizable feedback terminals make it fun and easy for clients and employees to give their opinion. Whether it be a smiley face or a thumbs-up, feedback becomes easy to give and easy to understand. It’s a win-win for your clients and for you.

Improve customer experience

Continuously capture feedback and discover actionable insights

Uncover pain points

Quickly discover customer trends & behaviors

Close the loop

Establish, accelerate and close the feedback loop between you and your customers

Grow revenue

Boost revenues with satisfied customers and empowered employees

Configurable & customizable interfaces

Choose from different interace options:
  • Happy / Sad Faces
  • Stars
  • Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down
  • NPS (Net Promoter Score)
Include your custom workflow, icons & background and now available with multilanguage capabilities.
Easy to Use

Easy to use, easy to install, and easy to access

Our metallic frame is easily transportable, can be secured to the ground, and can be branded to your preferences. Standing at 3ft tall, it attracts attention and makes it quick and easy to use.
Our tablets allow feedback to extend beyond just a smiley. They can be configured to ask multiple questions tailored to the area of interest, or as part of a customer experience workflow with custom alerts and variable routes based on client’s answers. The data can be captured and processed without WIFI, as the tablets run on our their own network.

Receive customizable reports and set up triggered alerts based on KPIs

KPI's include but are not limited to:

  • Average Client Satisfaction
  • Feedback Patterns
  • Response Distribution
  • Heat Maps
  • Ranking
Robust Reporting & Dashboards

Feature list:

  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Ease of Use
  • Customizability of Questions
  • Survey Management
  • No Maintenance Required

Trusted by numerous companies

Initially developed for the banking sector, DameFeedback can be tailored to any business.

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